High Quality 3D Generative Collection


Elephant Walking Club Airdrop
Baby Elephants Drop
Stake your Adult and Baby Elephants to earn $SECRET Tokens
$SECRET Token Airdrop to Genesis Gold Elephants
Rigged 3D Avatars compatible with every Metaverse
Claim the 3D Avatars NFTs with your $SECRET Tokens
Cardano Apes Collab (Use your 3D Avatar in the Apeland)


666 unique Adult Elephants randomly generated

3333 total supply released in multiple drops (currently only 1600 babies have been released)

The whitelist pre-sale for Baby Elephants has already ended, every holder was whitelisted for it

  • Whitelist for every next collection (collection may include multiple drops, the whitelist only applies to the first drop of that collection, for example Whitelist drop first, followed by Public drop 1, followed by Public drop 2 etc until collection is fully minted). 
  • 700 $SECRET per week
  • Special Discord roles
  • Access to the Members’ Club
  • 420 $SECRET per week
  • Special Discord roles (not active yet)
  • Access to the Members’ Club ((not active yet)
  • Every next drop for free
  • Special Discord role
  • Access to the OG Lounge



Project Lead, CNFT addict and Neo Tokyo Elite Citizen


Professional 3D Artist with years of experience working for top Italian companies